Adult Programs

Socrates Cafe Scheduled at the M.S. Kirby Library

Socrates Cafe is back! The Marian Sutherland Kirby Library has resumed regular Socrates Cafe meetings on the fourth Wednesday of the month. Individuals with inquisitive minds are welcome to join in lively conversation.

Socrates Cafe is a gathering where people from different backgrounds get together and exchange thoughtful ideas and experiences while embracing the Socratic Method. The topics to be discussed are chosen by the participants.

Participants are encouraged to come prepared to discuss important ideas thoughtfully and honestly, to respectfully question the ideas of others, and to carefully examine what you perceive to be logical inconsistencies.

The discussions will be facilitated by Steve Wallace who participates in several Socrates Cafe groups locally. The discussion will take place in the Community Room of the library. The library is located at 35 Kirby Ave., Mountaintop. Call 570-474-9313 for more information.

M.S. Kirby Library Hosts Wild Fungi Program

You probably have noticed interesting looking mushrooms that have sprouted in the lawn and flower beds, or on a walk in the woods.

Are you interested in learning about mushrooms that grow in the wild? Can you identify mushrooms that are safe to eat and those that are toxic? Did you know that with a few exceptions, for any given species of edible mushroom there is the potential for confusion with a toxic type?

If you would like to learn more about various types of mushrooms and how they grow, or to be able to tell the difference between an edible mushroom and a toxic one, plan to attend Introduction to the Fascinating World of Wild Fungi on Saturday, August 27 at 10:00am at the Marian Sutherland Kirby Library.

Dave Wasilewski, president of the Wyoming Valley Mushroom Club will present the program and share fascinating facts that extend beyond simply learning a few edible mushroom types in the Community Room of the library followed by an optional walk on the library’s nature trail in search of mushroom specimens.

Wyoming Valley Mushroom Club was founded in 2010 by Phil Yeager. The group has monthly meetings, forays, and an annual "Mushroom Fair" at Frances Slocum State Park. Currently, there are about 90 members enrolled in the club. The mission of the club is to provide education regarding all aspects of fungi, both wild and cultivated, including identification of species, using edible mushrooms and understanding associated dangers, collecting fungi for study/research, ecology of fungi, and photography.

Registration is required for the program and may be done by visiting the library at 35 Kirby Ave. or by calling 570-474-9313.